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The transition period in Serbia, which started in 2000, together with restructuring of large state-owned companies, as well as reorganization of the state in accordance with European standards, led in year 2004 to establishment of the new company, IK Consulting Engineers.

From the very first day, the main objective of our consultancy work was to meet the needs of the clients and assist the clients in implementation of optimal solutions.

With our knowledge and experience we want to contribute towards securing the fundamentals of life of human beings and improving their quality of life. For this reason, we consider ourselves responsible not only for fulfilling the wishes of the Client but being of the benefit for all.

Our long term vision assures continuous development of diverse sustainable technologies for potable water, wastewater, hydro power, water resources development and environment.

We keep improving the consulting and design services. In order to be adapted to the new market demands, we are active participants in the development activities with our high quality feasibility studies, final and detailed designs, as well as financial engineering.

With years of experience behind our engineers, we are ready to step up to the new challenges…

Efforts to win more projects abroad have proved successful. In the course of the year our activities in the local market were strengthened and more diversified. Ever since the foundation, the company has not had litigation history.

During year 2006, we have established closer relationships with clients, increasing their satisfaction with and information on our services and activities.



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